SSB Interviews Test and Procedures

SSB Interview

SSB Interviews Test and Procedures

Procedure for SSB interviews is organized by various Services Selection Boards of Indian Army, Indian Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. These SSB boards select candidates for commissioner officer posts in Indian Armed Forces through SSB interviews. Thus, if you want to become an officer in the Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, you must crack SSB interview. SSB interview is generated for five days to test all Officers like Qualities in candidates. Stages of SSB interview and there are two stages of SSB interview are:

Stage I: Stage I of SSB interview consists of Officers Intelligence Rating (OIR) test and PPDT test. After qualifying these two tests, candidates will be shortlisted for Stage II SSB testing. After Stage I testing is over, results will be announced within one or two hours by the selection board officials.

Stage II: Stage II testing lasts for four to five days depending upon the pattern of the SSB interview procedure adopted by the selection board. In Stage II testing, candidates will undergo a tight schedule of various psychological tests. We have provided a list of a complete set of tests held during 5 days SSB interview for all aspirants who want to become officers in the Indian defence forces. One needs to get thorough information about each and every test of SSB interview to pass the interview with flying colours.

Tests conducted as part of SSB interviews

There are lots of tests done during the five days of SSB interviews. All these SSB tests can be classified as either physical or mental tests and as GTO tests. Psychological tests of SSB interviews Trained SSB psychologist officers will taken and the psychology tests of SSB and assess candidates according to their best judgment. Following are the various physical and mental tests conducted in SSB interviews.
Group Testing Officer (GTO) tests of SSB interviews Group Testing Officer or GTO is responsible to conduct all GTO tests which are of outdoor and indoor test. All tests of SSB interviews undergo in GTO tests.

These are a different kind of test related to psychology and GTO tests of SSB interviews

 Group Discussion (GD)
 Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
 Progressive Group Task (PGT)
 Intergroup Obstacle Race or Snake Race
 Half Group Task (HGT)
 Command Task
 Individual Obstacles
 Full/Final Group Task (FGT)

Here we describe the day by day schedule of SSB exam Interview

Complete the SSB interview goes on for five to six days depending upon the type of

First day tests are involving.

 Intelligence Test
 Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT)
 Filling up of Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) forms

Second-day tests are:

 Word Association Test (WAT)
 Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
 Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
 Self Description Test

The third day of SSB interview Exam Involving:

Following tests are conducted on the third day.
 Group Discussion test
 Military Planning Exercise (MPE)
 Progressive Group Task (PGT)
 Intergroup Obstacle race or Snake race
 Half Group Task
 Command Task
 Personal interview for some of the candidates by president

The fourth day of SSB tests are:

 Final Group Task (FGT)
 Individual Obstacles
 Interview for remaining candidates

Fifth-day tests

The final board conference is conducted and the results are announced by SSB board officials. Thus the following events and tests will be there on the fifth day of SSB interview.

 Conference
 Announcement of recommended candidates

So here was the schedule of the SSB test. Hope you had a good time reading about the SSB Exam and Interview.

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